Am I getting the brush off or being paranoid?

I struck up a conversation with a girl on a dating site. She lives about an hour away. We have a lot of the same interests and she seems to like my sense of humor and taste in literature and television and for about a week we'd exchange longish emails with each other about every other day.(Me one day then her the next day then me the next day) After about a week I asked her if she'd like to Skype. After that she took 2 days to respond and said she'd been busy with work but that it would be lovely. The next day I tell her that any evening works for me in the next few days. 3 days go by. I checked on her profile and she'd been online but hadn't responded. The next day she (probably noticing that I'd visited her profile) messaged me saying she'd been sick and that she'd get back to me when she felt better to Skype. That was 3 days ago. Since then I've taken note that she's been online several times per day every day but hasn't messaged me to set up a time to Skype. Should I give her some more time or chalk this up as a loss and move on?


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  • Some girls are all into the initial rush of meeting someone new online but then get nervous when it comes to taking things further.

    • Yeah, Actually I made a little joke about being nervous because I just got a bad haircut and I think my head look weird and she told me not to be nervous because she never likes how her hair looks. Still, I might be overthinking. If she doesn't message me tomorrow I might consider messaging her again and saying something like I hope you feel better soon or something to reassure her I'm still interested in her.

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  • She lives about an hour away, right?
    it means she need you to look up for her, like when she was sick. maybe she thought that you wlll come to her home, but you don't.
    just ask her to go out with you in her days off.

    • Offering to come take care of someone you just met and haven't even seen actually met in person yet could easily be construed as creepy. If I were her I'd think he was clingy or just nuts to offer before we're even going out.

  • I wouldn't contact her any more. If she never contacts you, I'd consider it a loss and move on.