Why do I put up with her and all the weirdness?

So 6 months ago this girl cheated on her boyfriend with me and we broke it of but then after a week couldn't keep away from one another. She said she loved him but then as time went on like recently she started saying she cares about me and that she has fallen in love with me and even that she misses me when she's with him and wants to be my girlfriend and break things of with him. She even got affectionate in public when we were out like holding my hand and hugging and kissing me saying she feels like being with me. But doesn't want to hurt him and wants to finish it and then start with me.
But a couple of days later she feel out and got weird again (not the first time it happened). She got a little distant and started hanging out with her boyfriend again. But she was really trying not to hurt my feelings but she wasn't public. Said she still had feelings for him. Well we had like always a couple of fights and she broke it off saying she can't handle it and needs space. So I left her alone even though she hurt my feelings really bad but then I saw her step sister and texted her and thanked her for making me happy for the last half a year and sent her a song.
Anyway she said that it was beautiful and we talked for a while and she was really nice and even wished me a good night and texted me good morning.
Why do I keep up with this I mean I love her so much too we talked about it but every time she has these kind of emotional crises it kills me and I'm a wreck until we get back together but I'm never sure and it get's me all confused about what to believe. When she tells me stuff I'm sure she means it so I don't know.
Why am I still sticking around?
I don't wanna push her into a decision she might regret but I'm getting anxious but I love her so much that I'm willing to wait.


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  • I think it is your choice whether to wait or not. assuming she is a good girl , not just playing with your feelings, then she can not make her mind. You would not stay with a boyfriend just not to hurt his feelings for sooo long. ı know break ups are weird but if she really liked you, as much as you like her, the answer would be clear. I think you should move on. maybe seeing that you are moving on will make her act soon, or realize that she is happy she didn't break things off with her bf.
    Either way waiting is a nice gesture of love , and yes if that girl was me I would want you to keep waiting, but for YOUR sake you have to try to move on at some point. 6 months is too long a time to decide whether you want to be with your bf or not.

    • The thing is she wasn't even considering it until about a month and a half ago when she said that she can't believe how happy I make her and she gets from me so much more than from him. But he is her first long long term bf (7 years). I don't know we've been trough so many things together that I can't just give up because it took me 10 years to find her what's a couple of more months. I just hope she figures out that if she's with me she's already made her choice because if she loved him I wouldn't be here. I guess. I don't know I love her so much I'd love to be with her.

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