my boyfriend says im insecure but doesn't listen to what he does that makes me that way?

My long distance boyfriend is always getting annoyed at me because he says I don't trust him, that I think he's doing things behind my back, etc. But I don't approach it in a jealous crazy bitch way. I don't look through his phone, I don't not let him talk to or hang out with other girls, I give him his space. But when I tell him things that make me insecure, such as the fact that we haven't seen eachother in weeks and we don't have as many real conversations when we talk, or how it upsets me when we'll have plans but if his friends are doing something more fun he'll just be like "well let's just do what he's doing", when he flirts with other girls in front of me and it bothers me even though a lot of times it's just his personality. How he hardly even tells me he misses me anymore. They are reoccurring things and it makes it worse for me when I continually talk to him about it and instead of doing anything to change it or make me feel more secure in our relationship, especially being that we are 3 hours away from each other, he gets annoyed. Don't get me wrong, if I were being irrational I would acknowledge it. But the things that bother me are things that would bother ANY girlfriend, and should. If we're not talking as much, if you flirt with other girls, if you don't make an effort to see me ever, I believe I have a right to feel this way.

Should I ditch him or should I just accept it even though I'm not happy?


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  • it sounds to me that there are a lot of strains on this relationship. #1 being the distance and the rest being both a lack of empathy for your feelings and a certain about of insecurity on your part.

    I think that for a long distance relationship to work the people have to be extra considerate of each other, secure in their relationships, and communicate well.

    I think if you are unhappy and have talked to him about things repeatedly you may need to consider where this relationship is going to go


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  • You need to end the long distance relationship. It's not for everyone although it can be immensely worthwhile.

    Your needs are not being met and he isn't even taking those needs on-board. If the distance was 1 mile this relationship shouldn't be a long term one. If he can't work with you at long distance there is no hope of him working with you at any distance. Probably sees you as convenient right now.


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  • Ditch him girl. You are Young and if its making you unhappy, find someone in your zip code who can make you happy.