I can really use some help please... How should I further improve things between us?

I really need some advice on this please. I am 24 and I have been talking to a guy (around 30) for almost 6 months now on Facebook . He hosts a show at a local news channel and I complimented him a few times online on his work. After some small talk one day I hugely criticized him because I didn't like the behavior of one the guests on the show with another guest and he as a host didn't do much about it. He didn't respond to my criticism but he did read it. After almost a month I sent him a message appreciating his latest show. He added me that night. A few days later, was my birthday and he wished me. We have been in touch almost daily since. We haven't had any lengthy conversations yet, just small talk. He gives sweet short replies to my comments and criticism. He has called me dear, madam (jokingly) and pal. He always reads my messages (according to Facebook ). Last week, I pointed out an error in one of his tweets and he went 'Haha' and then thanked me for correcting him. I then apologized for pointing out his mistake in case he felt bad. This is what I wrote: "My bad for having this ridiculous habit of correcting people's errors". To this he replied, "Haha, it's a good habit." I also complimented him on his introductory monologues he does on his show. After that, I saw more improved and longer monologues in his subsequent episodes.
But the thing is we have never actually met. His Facebook account is genuine though; he confirmed it a few days ago during his show (I had said to him online, after he added me, that I was curious if he monitored this account or not). He has quite a female fan base which makes me wonder why he added me to his personal Facebook account. I am already on his Facebook fan page which is monitored by his team. Can you please shed some light on my situation? Could he be interested? And what should I do to get us to bond more without getting all clingy?


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  • Sounds like you are one of many mate. I wouldn't see this as long term, as either his building a fan base by playing women, or his completing lying to you... Have you ever seen Catfish on Viva?

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