Does going to therapy change your dating habits?

One thing I worked on in therapy was my habit of constantly dating men who treated me like crap. It comes down to having an emotionally abusive dad for all my life.

I just finished therapy and was on a dating break for a few months after dating a jerk. I learned that often the guys who are bad for me will seem very magnetic before I even know them. I also learned what is respectful and how I should be treated and the importance of boundaries. I learned to identify red flags and be aware of them.

This kind of changed my dating habits. Now instead of looking for those butterflies I look for someone I can have a good conversation with right away. There needs to be chemistry but in a healthy relationship you feel attracted to the person but not in a way that feels unbalanced or too intense.

Basically if I am attracted to someone in a way that makes me feel off balance or uneasy I should be wary. In a healthy attraction I will feel comfortable in my own skin.

Does this make sense? After being in therapy I just look for different things and respect myself more. No more bending over backwards for guys who give me major butterflies but are controlling and only call me at their convenience.


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  • In theory, unless you're there to change your dating habits, it shouldn't. It is possible that if at first you feel you may be stigmatized for going to therapy, then it might, but that rarely lasts longer than a few sessions. Once adjusted to your therapist and therapy, it shouldn't unless there's a pathology confounding that transition.


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