Is it okay to date an ex's brother?

OKay, so it's not really an ex. But last year I dated this guy. We only went on 3 dates and didn't sleep together or anything. We had both just come out of long term relationships. Then we just stopped dating as didn't think it was going to go anywhere - we'd both come out of relationships and he was going to Afghanistan with the army in April so wasn't looking for something long term. SInce then we have remained friends (ie. we say hello and that on the net)

A few weeks ago I went out with my friend and a few of his friends came along. I got chatting to one of them and thought he seemed really nice. After they left my friend told me that he was the brother of the guy I went on those couple of dates with last year, Since then I have met him a few times and I'm starting to fancy him :( he's just a really nice guy and we seem to get on well.

I'm not sure if anything were to happen. But I wanted to know your views on it. If something were to happen I think it would be best if we mentioned something to his brother first - even though it was only 3 dates and we've both dated people since then it wouldn't be right not to.

Or if the situation does come up should we just decide that it's not right and would be stabbing his brother in the back,

Any advice would be much appreciated.


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  • If it was a mutual break-up between you and his brother I don't think it would be backstabbing, but I don't know the brother so that is your judgement call. I would say that it is fine, it might be a little weird when he comes back but not much unless he still had feelings for you, or you for him.


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