Girls, asking out my female tutor?

I´m currently going to Law School and since I got a MA in Business before I´m at the same age as my tutor.

She is a very nice, intelligent, beautiful girl and also very friendly. We get along great and I feel like there could be something there.

I´m the only one who is the same age as she is.

Would it be wildly inappropriate to approach her romantically in some way?

How could I approach her?



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  • I am in the same situation as you are (except my lecturer is a guy) and I have the exact same dilemma. Has she shown you any signs that she might be interested? Can you find an excuse to ask her out for a drink, for e. g. to celebrate the end of your exams? This could be a good opportunity and then you can ramp up the flirting a little. Good luck!


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  • After the tutoring is done it could be ok. Just remember that she may feel uncomfortable.

    Also... Please don't go to law school. I am in law school and I hate it. The employment rate is less than forty per cent. Law school is hell on earth and you already have a good degree. You will just be taking on debt that will tie you down for years. I would do anything to not have picked law school.


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  • Just do it dude. Talk to her and ask her out. It's not inappropriate but it may make her feel weird about going out with you. Just be straight up.

    "Hey I was wondering if you were interested in going on a date but I wouldn't want to ruin our working relationship so if you're not interested that's totally fine..."

    This is direct and lets her know where you're taking things- there's nothing to question. It also lets her know that you understand there are consequences and that you're rather keep her as a professional contact, if anything. That gives her a window for her to escape if she's not interested.

    You don't have to take my advice. I'm a pretty direct, coarse cave-man type so I'd understand. Let me know how it goes.

  • She most probably has a very low opinion of you since she has to teach you stuff that she already knows. I suspect she speaks unkindly of you when you're not around.

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  • Don't even go there until the end of your course. You have the potential to make things really awkward and mess up your training. Been there done that. Not a pretty result.

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