He said give him some time. . ?

I like my best friend, and had told him half a year before. He had only said that he was touched but never told me if he likes me back. So last week I decided to ask him. He said that everything is new to him since I am the first girl he knows deeply and that he can only say he likes me yet he cannot tell the difference between 50% or 90% like. He told me to give him some time. He is now studying at a boy's school, and is one year older than me. Soon he will be in university and there will be so many girls. . . Should I wait for him? I am afraid that my waiting will be time-wasting and worthless? Plus I am in France and he is in Taiwan. . . But I do not want to give him too much pressure and keep asking him if he likes me "fully" now. . . What do I do. . ? I am so confused. Should I wait? What if it ends up as a bad result that he finds that he only like me as a friend? :(

My aunt said that if I "expect" something, things will go "not natural" . . . And also, the boy said that he is really stupid when it comes to relationship stuff. . . and said that just let thing be the way it will be. . . *sigh* Any advice? :)
And how can he "figure out" that if he is seeing me as a friend or as a gf?


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  • Well, you are the only one who can decide if you want to wait or not, if he told you he needs time it is because he isn't sure if he wants to date you, but if you are ready to take the risk i'll say wait, we never know what might happen if you do, he might say yes or no, in my opinion i'd wait but i wouldn't close myself up to other guys, and if he is taking to long to answer give him an ultimatum, maybe the long distance is what is keeping him back, i don't know, when will you see him again? And i hope this helped :)

    • Hey thank you :)
      Well, we will meet in the summer. . .
      Way to go. . . @@
      Hmm. . .
      Well, you mean give him a deadline or something?
      And yes this helped.

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    • I hope everything will work out in the end for you, and yeah i'll add you though i'm not in here very often

    • sure. you can message me, i will give you my email. ^^

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