Am I the rebound girl? Will this relationship even last?

He broke up with his girlfriend less than a week he asked me out. I mean we talked then but he always made it clear he had a girlfriend. Everyone's shocked he has another girlfriend. They say his usual type is Asian girls. His friend told me I'm very different from what he prefers. I'm very blonde, pale, thin and tall. He usually aims for short Asians . He was with his girlfriend for a long time she is short, busty and curvy and Asian . Everytime we pass by one of her friends he was close to he covers his face. He hasn't introduced me to one his best friends yet he has known since preK. He still keeps the clothes she gave him as presents. They seemed pretty serious because he'd brag about her in our youth group when they were going out. When we were in Chicago for a meet he would Skype with her as soon as he could and always tell me I'm skyping with my girlfriend. I heard they broke up because he felt distant from her and/or she joked a lot. He wouldn't really tell me.


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  • I guess you might be if you think he still has something for his ex and not over her or still interested in her. its not clear why he decided to date someone else so soon when he might not of been over her , its like he felt he needed a new gf rate away for some reason and couldn't wait to get over ex

    • He dumped her. But everyone is saying they will get back together. But he told me he loved me.

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