He rarely apologizes after our fights, what should I do?

Every time we fight he almost never apologizes (I'm not saying it's his fault entirely but he never try to take responsibility for what he does). Instead he'll try to be cute and make jokes or show me funny things to make me laugh. It's sweet but how can I get him to actually apologize?


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  • Every guy has a different way of expressing remorse. His strategy might be to deflect and steer you away from the awkward topic by making you laugh or smile. To some girls it's enough, but for you it might not be. It might even make you mad sometimes.

    One of the problems we men have is that girls can be so complex and vague in showing what they really want/mean that we end up doing a crazy botch of things and make it worse. That's when being clear, simple, and understanding comes into an important play.

    Whenever you get into an uncomfortable situation, such as concluding fights, try to understand WHY he is doing what he does and HOW you could make him understand that it is not making you feel good.

    The solution? Talk. Sounds corny and too straightforward, but it just might be the only way to break through his defense-mechanism. There was a technique that has been done to me before to make me listen and take things seriously: just hold his head in both of your hands and look at him directly.

    When it was tried on me, I tried to laugh and get away, because it really is awkward. But it acts like a reset + wake-up button. He will take you seriously, and you could use that time to tell him what you feel.


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