Guys: When will you finally stop texting?

I haven't answered his texts the past 7 times he has wanted to hangout. He keeps wanting to get together even though I've been ignoring him since he ditched me on my birthday. I'd rather this relationship just die out naturally instead of having a conversation with him about it.

Guys: at what point would you stop trying and get the hint that the girl doesn't want to talk to you anymore?


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  • would you just tell him you don't want to hang out anymore already. stop ignoring the issue.

    • Would you expect a girl to tell you that she doesn't want to hangout anymore after you left her waiting on her birthday alone at restaurant and never even apologized months later?

      I'm just curious to see, if as a guy, you could see a reason why he would think that I would even talk to him after that at all?

    • if she kept calling me i would tell her to stop. or heck why don't you just block his number? Something i would consider too

    • It just sucks because he is friends with my group of friends so I don't want to make things even more awkward (that's why I just wanted it to die out naturally), but I think I will consider blocking his number. Thank you!

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  • Depends on the guy... You might have to be firm with him because I've known guys who do this for months, then stop, and then text out of the blue!!! It could go on for months. So just let him know you're not into it.

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