How can I make a good online dating profile?

I have a few online dating accounts and I get no messages, no responses to my messages and much worse not even a profile View. Any suggestions?


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  • Read other profiles. Take a bit from one, a bit from another and so on. Than tailor it to you.

    • Thanks. . But what about my profile not getting viewed? That's kind of weird

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    • Of course. . Don't have one. Never been a witty guy

    • Get one. Without one they are already nodding off. They don't want to fall asleep so they just move on.

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  • - get a witty/mysterious/funny headliner
    - Have a photo of you that shows most, if not all your face
    - List ALL of your interests
    - Do not mention Sex
    - view other womens profiles, because believe me many check the "viewed me" button and try to message the men who did not bother to say "hi" after creeping.
    - More than 1 photo please!
    -Excellent grammar is a bonus


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  • I always get a reply, but I've learned a lot on perfecting dating profiles. A big part is also the message.

    I would have to see your profile to to know what to suggest, PM me it.

  • Grampers? depends? I said die for!

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