Why do guys feel they have the right to just show up again after disappearing?

This probably has been asked a gazillion times but if a guy suddenly stopped communication and the girl moved on in response to his disappearance what makes him return and act like he never disappeared to begin with.

I'm honestly not man bashing I just totally don't understand what you guys are thinking.

Once a dude leaves I just move on and don't look back so not sure what dudes expect.


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  • Guys have different ways of feeling remorse, and one of our defense-mechanism is to pretend there is no gigantic pink elephant in the room. Slide the awkward dirty stuff under the carpet and try to build everything up again from the ground up.

    It takes a man to admit that he has done you wrong. So if that guy you're dealing with just ain't man enough to even recognize and be aware of that, I think he's not someone you might want to associate yourself with at all.


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  • Because were stupid and don't know any better.

  • Because guys and girls seem to measure the passage of time in very different ways. To his thinking, virtually no time at all has passed, and so there shouldn't have been any massive changes in the status quo.

    To her, an age has passed. And without constant communication and attention, the relationship is going to die. So... if he's gone for x number of days, it dies. End of story.


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  • I hate when guys do that. Im like u, when they return I ignore their txts & phone call. period.
    I always assume its either another girl occupying his time while he's disappeared or he does not like something going on with us so instead of addressing it... he disappears. When he returns, I assume either things didn't work out with the girl or they're not on good terms at the moment OR if the reason why he left was because of something going on between me & him, I'd assume when he return its because he's bored/lonely/horny & hope Im so anxious to hear from him & I'll change whatever it is he was having issues with (of course the issue isn't somthing he clearly mentioned but sure enough he wants u to figure it out by then)
    When guys disappear... I disappear too. When they return.. I ignore the shit outta them. Its not fair to treat someone like a hollaback girl or a rubberband - if u let me go dont expect me to come back to you when your ready. Its inconsiderate.

    • So so true! It is taking all the power in me to not answer because I really miss him too and stuff. AGGG!!

  • what relationship did you have and what kind of time period are we talking about him disappearing?

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