Can I get a gf even though I don't have my own place?

I rent a room in a house but it's not my place, cold I still get a gf?


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  • My friend sleeps on his mom's couch and has a girlfriend... anything's possible even the word impossible says "Im possible"

    • What makes me mad is that some women I date who still live at home judge me and they say a man has to have his own place, in the conventional sense I don't have my own place but I pay rent and everything else to live so I don't know why they make such a huge deal

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    • Ok but the woman doesn't need me to take care of her if she's working. Women are independent. .

    • Lol women always want to be taken care of, she can make her own money yeah but at the end of the date you still end up paying am I right? For a women to be happy you need to be miserable lol it's a sad truth...