Trying to arrange a second date- should I text her?

Right, so far trying to arrange this thing had been a nightmare.
I asked her last week in person, however she was genuinely busy. I've tried asking twice again in person, but I was interrupted by a friend I haven't seen for ages, and the second time I was expecting to give her a lift home, but she walked back instead. So frustrating.
I was meant to suggest the date for Monday, but now I won't see her before then- should I text her?
I'm reluctant to do so as if rather ask in person, but I won't see her before now.

Anyone else please?
Love to hear some more thoughts! :)


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  • Defiantly just text her.
    Don't jump right to it though have a small introduction conversation then mention how great you felt the first date was and you had been trying to bring up a second one but it hadn't been working and you would like to try a second date next time she is available.
    Good luck. 😀

    • I was just going to go with;
      "Hey, how how are you?
      Wondered if you'd like to do such an such on Monday at such an such time?"

      She's not a big texter- she will reply, but just seems pointless dragging it out just to have a bit of small talk.

    • Also the first date was 2 weeks ago, so seems a bit odd to say it was good- we've already talked about it and said we had a great time.

    • Oh ok I wasn't sure. I say going with what you said sounds fine to me.

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  • 2 weeks is a long time... I feel the 2nd date shouldve been setup sooner.

    This is why you setup the 2nd date on the spot at the end of the 1st one. Because if she sets one up then, then chances are she WANTS to go on another date. Otherwise, she would have not setup one right then and would have made some excuse.

    • Yeah in hindsight I wish I set it up on the first date, but I did it two days later when i saw her. She was busy (she was actually tbf).