Have you ever gave someone "The Rejection Hotline" instead of your real number?

have you ever regretted giving your real number to someone?
what made you decide to do it?
how did it go?


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  • I've given someone a fake number on purpose a couple of times, yeah. There's been a few times where I just haven't been interested in the guy but he's so nice and sweet that I don't really want to turn him down (which isn't particularly nice, but it's happened). I've always felt rather guilty about that.
    I have definitely regretted giving my number to someone. I've had to block people because they call/text constantly and creep me out and refuse to stop. I regret giving my number to that sort of person (fortunately, there aren't too many people like that).
    What made me decide to give my number or not give my number? Giving my number, because I liked the person/their personality/something about them/we made plans. Lots of different reasons. Reasons why I didn't give? Because I was nervous, because I didn't want to turn them down, because I accidentally gave them the old number and was too embarrassed to correct it...


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  • lol, nah, that's just mean.
    Come to think of it, I don't think I've EVER given a fake number! lmao! I was always too honest and too nice for that. I remember when I first started going to the club, I gave this creepy, not so attractive guy my number and regretted it instantly. He never texted me and I ended up meeting one of the most influential men in my life that night : )

    anyhow, I'll just tell them straight up that I'm not interested lol I don't want to lead them on. Or I may lie about having a boyfriend.

  • No, because it is a 1 800 number.

    Yes I have regretted giving my number to someone, but I simply block their number and get over it quickly.

    If I feel unsafe, I will give a guy my number to leave me the fuck alone.

    I escaped with all of my teeth and normally don't have to deal with seeing him again.


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