Dating a best guy friend and all of a sudden they stop talking to you and stop calling you baby or babe. Didn fight or anything they just stop. Why?

I recently started dating my best guy friend. I've known him for six years and he recently asked me out. Things were great and going out seemed like the right choice to make cause of how smoothly things were going. His birthday passed recently and I took him out to dinner and threw him a party a few days before since I was not going to be in town. On his birthday an old friend of his, who happened to be a girl, stopped by to wish him a happy birthday. I thought nothing of it because I trust him and I trust her too. But ever since her visit he's been acting strange. Stopped talking to me for a few days and officially stopped calling me babe and baby. I want to ask him about it but I also think like maybe I'm over thinking? I honestly don't know how to go about this because I don't want to loose my best friend in all if this. Any intakes?


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  • Ask him how is birthday was and who came to see him and what all they did that way it sounds like you are interested in him instead of what happened

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