Girls, are you more forgiving with guys that you find attractive?

Baldr likes doing a lot of things by himself instead of with friends. That's mostly because he doesn't really have any really good friends like he used to since he moved but also because its easier since he can do what he wants without having to convince other people to tag along and he really enjoys his alone time to be honest. He knows most people would not be comfortable with going to a lot of places like coffee shops/bars alone because society today likes to label those people as losers/outcasts. But he thinks that only happens with people that are not comfortable with being out on their own.

Like whenever he goes out to a bar or club by himself he usually has way have more success in picking up girls than if he goes out with friends. That's because he doesn't act all embarrassed that he's out by myself and girls think its hot when a man can doesn't give a fuck what other people think.

So he was talking about this with some of his friends the other night and they claimed that this only works for him because he's a good looking guy so it doesn't really matter what he does because girls judge guys they find attractive way less harshly than average or below average guys.

While that might be true to some extent Baldr thinks its mostly BS. Even if you're the most attractive guy in the world girls will be turned off if you aren't comfortable with yourself. But Baldr thinks even an average guy can pull this off if they have the right attitude.

Do you agree with Baldr?


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  • I think people are more forgiving to good looking people in general.. I mean if it is the first time meeting someone, all you have to go by is their appearance and personality. But no matter how good his/her personality, if he/she is plain and average there would be no level of interest.


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  • Why the heck are you talking in the third person?

  • I go places by myself all the time. I had no idea people have an issue with it. Weird.

    I lam attracted to guys im attracted to who are kind and respectful. i dont care if thy talk a lot or are popular.

    • attraction isn't really something you can box in because we have different tastes.

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  • If you have two guys side by side. One is good looking, but isn't the greatest talker in the world.
    The other is an average looking guy who is full of confidence.

    Both are looking to get laid.

    A girl talks to each of them for 5 minutes. 90% (if not more) of the time she's going home with the good looking guy.

    If the guys are both looking for a possible relationship. I still think the good looking guy would get the girl. But it would be more like a 60% - 40% split. Though the girls would realize what a dullard he is. And would be gone in short time.

    by the way Talking about yourself in the third person really makes you come across as immature. Which goes to solidify the good looking guy has more opportunity.

    • Most of the girls I know (myself included) would go for the average looking guy. If he can hold a great conversation and be confident but still nice then he is a way better catch than the good looking one. A dumb guy or a jerk can be the most handsome man on the planet but the only girls he's going to get are extremely superficial ones, because that's a serious turn-off.

    • Well of course the average one is a better catch.

      Sorry, I think socially immature may have been a better description, for the good looking guy. He's not dumb or a jerk. Just not a great talker. Not very smooth or a good conversationalist.

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