What are the do's and don'ts of dating? for the guys

guys, when you are on a date what are things you would like to see from the girl that would make you want to go on another date with her? and what are the things that would make you not want to go out with her again?


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  • I want to see a girl who is comfortable and relaxed. She would enjoy my jokes, and have something interesting to talk about. She would smell good, and be a good flirt.

    She would not be too worried about how she looked, if her hair was perfect, or whether she was the most attractive woman in the room. She would have done her best before she left the house and not worry about once she walked out of the door. She would not send mixed signals or tease more than she is willing to please.

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  • listen...if you can't be yourself around a guy and have him want a 2nd date with you...then why bother dating him?

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