We had a fight and now he won't speak to me?

This guy I was seeing was in a bad mood and I ended up pissing him off about something stupid and we fought a little bit.
He has now gone away for the weekend and won't reply to any of my text messages.

I left it a few hours and then sent a message that said 'sorry about this morning. Have a good weekend'. There was no reply.

I am scared because he has a tendency to run away when we fight and it has caused big issues in our relationship before. We were finally at a good place, getting along and having fun and i'm afraid i have ruined it.


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  • i've been there. tell him what u wanna say and leave it at that. thats the only respectable thing u can do. no one wants to make the first move in this case but what
    I've learned is that its better for someone to do it sooner rather than later. that way if the relationship fails, the both of u can move on asap.


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  • If you have apologised, let it be. It could be a variety of factors for no reply but don't bombard him with apology messages. Say it once or twice and leave it at that. Some guys are stubborn when it comes to fights and may take a while to cool down. Good luck OP!

  • Give him time. Relax. Pick your battles as well. If you're constantly fighting, it's probably not a good relationship


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