Advice for long distance relationships?

I really want to make this work. he lives four states away and visits the other side of my state to see his dad I don't get to see him very much at all. we talk on the phone almost every day. what can I do to keep it alive and interesting?


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  • Long distance relationships are difficult. No doubt about it. But they are do-able. It really comes down to do BOTH of you want it to last. For the sake of advice let it be Yes.

    First off, talking is a good step, although if it's over done then it begins to get boring. Texting can be fun to get randomly (key point: Randomly) throughout the day. My girlfriend and I have been together over 3.5 years and most of it has been long distance. I'm also helping a friend who is longer distance than you are, but back to the advice.

    A good site is link Some ideas are cheesy or cost, but many can be good. The thing that you want to avoid is becoming routine.

    I suggest sending letters by mail every now and again. Even email instead of IM or text or Facebook can be a good change. Also, small gifts (flowers, candy, etc) can be fun to get. Since your wanting tips to do for a guy, randomly order him a pizza to be delivered (pre-payed by credit (yours or you can pay back your parents).

    Msg me if you want more advice specific to your problem and I'd be glad to help.

    Best of luck.

    - Ven


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  • It works as long as your both willing to put effort into it. That's all it pretty much takes. Though with you both being so young, I'm not so sure. If he's planning on moving back, that might help. If not, that's going to be pretty tough. High school is one of the most precious times of your life, and spending it on a boyfriend far away, 4 states away, doesn't seem all that enticing. But like I said, it all depends on your efforts. Good luck. :)

    • What kind of effort? weve both decided we want to make this work, but I don't think we know how. and he's planning on moving here after school but I might be going farther away for college

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  • most long distance relationships do not sucks but its true

    i had a boyfriend and he only lived 3 hours away...mind you we would talk and so fourth..well while I was busy talking to my friends about him and telling them how much I really liked this guy, he was busy talking to other girls about well not me! so he got his ex pregnant while with me..i mean it was hard enough that we didn't see each other as much, and most men are its really up to you..but honestly they don't work..or of you wanna make it work.i mean still be in an open other guys