Should I bring up this topic on fourth date?

So, I am about to go on a fourth date with this guy I really like. I want to know if you bring up the question about still seeing each other (just dating, not exclusively) or just wait for him to initiate another date plan or I myself do that. We're both moving away in five months and he is 10 years older than I. Should I bring up the topic if we should still continue to date? I still want to date him even though I know we are both moving and I am not thinking about being exclusive right now.


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  • Being you both have been dating one another and are most likely in the stages where you can talk about different things, I feel This is important enough where you Could bring it up "over dinner," and find out what might happen in your future that is coming. Keeping the lines of communication is very important, and I see no harm in speaking your mind when it involves Not only him, but You as well, sweetie. xx


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  • I wouldn't. You both know it's a short term fling, so just have fun.


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