How to get over your ex gf.. any suggestions?

It's been 8 months since I broke up with my ex and I still want her back even though she cheated on me and totally moved on.. I have this hope that one day she'll come back to me. Why can't I get over her?


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  • Give it time.. I had something similar happen to me. After a good year, I was back to normal.

    It hurts more because SHE has someone else and LEFT you for someone else.

    So obviously your going to feel like you were not good enough.

    But here's the kicker... you'll soon realize you are BETTER than that and that no girl should be cheating on you.

    You'll see some other girl and get the same feeling you had before... and my friend the cycle will start once again. You'll want to date again and meet other people.

    I been there man.. I know the feeling.

    Time heals all. In the meantime WORK on yourself. I personally started hitting the gym, I worked on my hobbies again, and I bought new clothes. I spent all of my time that I would've spent on her on myself. I just made myself better, I learned some new skills. I made some new friends... I'm happy that I did something for MYSELF.

    • Thanks for the encouraging words I should try what you did

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    • See after awhile you'll learn you actually don't need one. I'm still single, but I'm okay with it actually. I'm kinda glad I am now, as now I don't have to deal with my ex's BS. I only deal with my own BS now.

      People that THINK they need a man or a woman in their life to live... well they don't know the true meaning of life.

      In this case you need time to a point where you'll feel like you don't need anyone. You need to be happy YOURSELF before others will respect you.

      No girl will want a guy who feels sorry for himself. That just looks bad. When you learn to love yourself once again and that WILL happen in due time. That's when things around you will get better... but only YOU can make that happen.

    • Well we are men we have needs so why wouldn't we need women

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  • Sweetie, Your body and mind are Not quite adjusted as of Yet to the fact that you are No longer together, and deep inside, you are not giving yourself a chance to forgot Nor---move on. And the desire to Try may not be what you want right now. You're still hung up on the devastating fact that she cheated, and it makes it even harder to forget her Or just---anything at the moment.
    You're probably not ready, most likely need a little more time in accepting the idea that she is gone. And there is this other part of you that hopes she will return. But as you know, nothing in life is a guarantee but death and taxes.
    I believe when you have a better mind set, and you realize it's time, you should Begin your Beguine again by going out again with your friends, start to socialize again. It's just taking baby steps in getting you back Out there again.
    As far as getting romantically tangled up again with anyone, don't rush into anything. Often it is just this "rebound romance" anyways, and in the end, someone always ends up getting hurt, and it does no one any good, as you know. Go slow, take your time. You're a free agent now, make something work for you when you're ready to move forward. xx
    Good luck. xx

    • If she came back I wouldn't mind if she cheated again just as long as she came back. I never had a gf til I was 35.. she was the first

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    • That's the thing the only purpose I'll ever serve a woman I'd friendship cuz they don't see me as a man

    • Don't base the rest of your life Nor woimen on One that didn't pan out for you. When you find just the right One, with the right chemistry, you will be wondering what you ever saw in the other one. xx

  • I think, you just need to realize she is gone. She isn't coming back.. and honestly, you deserve better. I know, it hurts. and, you feel betrayed and like everything was a lie. But, then you tell yourself NOOO it wasn't a lie! Her feelings were real for me!

    The thing is--She did NOT love you. Her feelings were not real. If she did, then she wouldn't have cheated on you. And, she would be back by now. You need to tell yourself.. this is NOT healthy. It isn't. I know how it feels to hold onto something that you loved dearly. But, you need to let go. For your own sanity. Straighten up, get rid of the shit that reminds you of her. Stop moping around. Get out. Meet people! And, find a NEW hobby that doesn't consist of reminding you of her. Go to places you NEVER went with her. Going to the same places always made me think of my ex more. Until you get over her... you shouldn't go there. Some people are strong enough to go those places... but you aren't. It is okay. I am not either. Just realize, that you are a GREAT person, and RARE. what guy would still be faithful to their cheating EX! that left them! Should I say more? You are amazing. and girls would love to have someone like you in their lives. You need to look up, not down. And, realize, this bitch will be looking at you years down the road and say "shit, he was the one that got away"... and you will have found the right woman for you.

    • Thank you for the kind words.. The reason I want her back is cuz I'm ugly and she's the only one that wanted me. Nobody else wants me

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    • How women view me is all that matters to me.. every girl feels negative about me

    • I was cheated on cuz I was never good enough and I'll never be

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  • Well i just read about the no contact thing... the worst thing we can do is try to contact them. we have to let them go. im in the same boat except she didn't cheat on me but we broke up. 18 days ltr i was with someone else and she tried to come back.
    i really screwed up bad. Dont contact her and let some time pass. maybe things won't work out with this guy. And we have to forgive them is another key. In order to get them back we can't bring up the past no more. go one a dating site and get another girl for right now... or not. I never thought i would hear from her again and she came back... so you never know.

    • I like what she said better... lol

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    • Because I'm not good looking. . No gf til I was 35 cuz I'm shy and scared to talk to girls. Even though it was my first gf I was engaged.. zoosk only works if you get the paid subscription. . I've gotten many dates since my breakup online but never got second dates cuz the women claimed I didn't make first moves

    • i just thought of this... you can't just have one girl in your life i mean you can but to me thats crazy... you have to experience more in your life... there's more. you need to learn more and you won't with just 1 person. And i tell you this... looks are more important to guys... girls are more about likeing personality and the person over looks... I've learned a few things about them finally. If you make them laugh your 1/2 way there. Meet your next date at a bar have a couple pops and lighten up and stop thinking so much and be a man!!!

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