Quick opinion about my Ex-Girlfriend

While we were dating she was talking to him everyday without me knowing and we started dating one week after she broke up with him. Yeah I know I was the rebound but she broke up with me after me finding out about her hanging out with him one morning. She told me she wasn't gonna get back together with me or him. she was together with her for 2 1/2 years.

Now tell me even though she said she wouldn't get back together with him and she wanted to stay friends what are the chances she got back together with him?

I'm getting suspicious...

when I mean "him" I mean her "Ex" of 2 1/2 years


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  • im going to say that more than likely she got back together with him... if SHE broke up with YOU because you caught her hanging out with him than yeah I'm pretty positive she went back to him...sorry

  • It doesn't really matter now since she's an ex of yours. If you guys are still in relationship then you have the right to be mad because she's not honest about it to you for whatever reason that is. Chances are always there, but it is always a matter of trust, isn't it? For me, I found evidence my ex cheating on me (when we were still together but on a break). I wanna trust my ex but my instincts says differently and there I found out. However, if we broke up completely then no matter how hurting I was inside, I have no right to be mad at my ex. Because after all he's just an ex right! Try to move on and heal yourself, she has made a decision not to see you again. Respect her decision, and learn from this rel. Every rel. is giving you a valuable lesson so you just have to be glad this happened. I know how jealous and mad and etc etc it can be for you! but you just have to let her go. She DUMPED you. It's not like you have a choice (sorry to be harsh but think about it, she lied and then she dumped you).

    • Should I remove her off my myspace, I don't wanna be involved in this anymore

    • Do whatever that can help to heal yourself faster/.. NO CONTACT is the best thing ever! so yeah, remove her from myspace, delete her phone numbers, never talk to her again no matter what (whether she calls or not).

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