Why did she text me this 'pointless' text, out of the blue?

So tonight I was going to this party, and this girl I like (been on one date with her, not sure if she wants to go on a 2nd, mixed signals, etc) just texted me 30 mins before and asked me; "are you going to **** party tonight?".

I assumed she was after a lift, so i asked her if she needed one and what time.
She said: "I'm coming from another direction tonight, just wondered if you were coming lol! :)"

The thing is:
1) Why not wait to find out if I'm there or not, since the event is only 30mins from starting.
2) She already knew I was coming. We already talked about it.
3) Am I meant to read anything into this?

Anyone else? :)
Any other answers? :)


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  • Totally overthinking this. She likes you, and she wanted to know if you were going to the party. That simple.

    • You'd think, but this is the same girl that I've asked twice out on a second date-
      First time she was busy due to an important exam, the second time I texted her and she couldn't make drinks as she was already out... so I'm trying to work out whether to go for '3rd time lucky'.

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    • Yeah seems like an ok plan b. Would rather have asked her in person though!

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  • Honestly, I wouldn't read into it. As a girl, sometimes we just text for the heck of it, especially to occupy us while we get ready to go out! You'll only know where she's at by spending more time with her in person.

    • I sort of understand that, but with a guy where you know he's interested in you, and you've recently been on one date with him- surely if you weren't interested in him, you would avoid doing stuff like this?

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    • Yeah I see what your saying, it's just up-until that moment, the vibe I was getting from her was that she might not have been interested. But I'm getting a few mixed signals, so it's hard to tell!

    • Just like guys love to chase girls, girls like to at least pretend to be "hard to get". You just have to find the balance of being interested in her, but not seeming like she's your total endgame. Girls don't want you to think they're the only one in the room- they want you to think that out of ALL the girls in the room, you like her best. Don't ignore her or anything, but believe me, it's easy to spot a guy who has his sights on a single target all night. This early in the game, it would come off desperate and not endearing. So, play it cool and just enjoy the party! :)

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  • Your over thinking this...

    • Perhaps. But this girl has been a bit confusing in between our first date and trying to arrange a second.

      Does it mean anything, like she is interested? Or is it really just nothing?