Dating advice please? desperate?

I got girl issues I need help wit... 22 yr old Indian guy having Asperger's and OCD, dependent on parents financially and living wit them - going to grad school and will finish in a year.

Problem is I want a girl BADLY but have never dated a girl. Dad monitors our (siblings and I) bank accounts, and even tho i commute to school he knows when money is being spent and how it is being spent... i don't have a credit card only debit. with all this said, so going to strip club or Europe (amsterdam) is not an option

PLUS dating not supported in our culture - parents don't approve, and i don't know how to date or talk to girls really. so okcupid or blind dating or w/e not an option because i can't bring girl home anyway, or open topic wit parents

problem is, i'm sociable and have good classmates even tho i have only few friends but circumstances are not allowing because of mental health and limitations

what is my antenna out of these doldrums? my life is a tragedy in progress :( :(


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  • Get a job, get your own bank account get out and do things that interest you to meet people and just talk to girls. You'll be fine, excuses won't help you get a girl


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