please help! coming on too strong!!!?

There is this girl... i know she is crazy about me and until our first date i play it cool but when we met, like a moron i didn't make a move on her (she tried so hard to impress me and make me want her. Why did i hesitate? i have no ideea)... she of course was disappointed and i tried to fix that... and i kept stressing her out so that we will meet again. Until she send a text "not sure what your intentions are but we are just friends and we can't be more than that". The thing is she said that to me before our first date and obviously lying! My question is: any ideas if i still have a chance with her? how do i fix this?


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  • Not likely man. You've missed your opportunity and now your in the friend zone! Just be her friend maybe she'll change her mind. If not at least your still friends with her

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