how do I get girls sitting on the fence as they say to date me?

I feel there is some girls I sort of know that I might have a chance with but there sort of sitting on the fence as they say and I'm not sure how to go about trying to get a date with such a girl. like they've shown some interest when I see them at local pub or such but never seem to get anywhere or get actual dates.
maybe I should be asking them for # more often or someway of showing I'm seriously interested in them , anyways any though on this or how I should move forward


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  • try getting to know them better.

    • I though about that and that having more in depth conversations or asking questions might help. but found it hard to do so in bar setting when I was seeing them. and when I asked questions in emails didn't seem to get much response but these girls still seemed interested when I saw them in person

    • if you see them in a bar setting get there number. call them up after 3 days arrange a date and see how it goes.

    • agree I should try and get more # , that might help. but trying to get to know them better could also lead to getting friendzoned if conversations don't lead anywhere I wonder. I haven't had much luck getting dates with girls from this pub but have talked to a lot of them and there appeared to be some solid interest from some of the girls I meet in person

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