Ladies how can I get a date I have never been on one?

I'm a university student who has never been on a date and I'm aware that it's really hard to find a girl after school ( I can't even manage now ;) ) so I'm wondering if you got some tips for me.

I'm tall a bit too much weight but below average in general but I feel like my approach is all wrong to begin with.

I'm not outgoing since I'm ashamed of my looks and figure why bother talking to a girl.

I'm just hoping someday I'll do it right and get to go on my first date.

Thank you for answering !


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  • One thing you should remember is to never put a girl up on a pedestal. I think this is a mistake many guys have made, and in the end they come to GAG with bitterness and resentment, saying that they've been rejected 200 times by girls. Once you put someone on a pedestal, your actions become less natural and depending on your acting skills, you might come across as creepy.

    I'd say talk to girls in a platonic kind of way, and once you realize that there's a connection there, that's when you can start being a bit flirty. Girls tend to put their guards down a little when we don't think the guy is trying to get into our pants but wants to get to know the person instead.

    • I'm not attractive which makes it very hard. Like no girl wants / needs to settle for me. That's my issue

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    • No self pity just saying every time I talk to a girl I get shot down in school I got bullied and talked about behind my back. Just naming facts. Thanks for your help!

    • well I just wanted to say that if you let your bad past keep being a part of you, then it will stay with you forever. You're the only one who has control over your present life. It's up to you to change it. Seek a therapist if need be.

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  • i know the question is for girls but I WILL ANSWER ANYWAY. walk up to a girl confidently and ask her out for a drink or coffee.

    • Ever worked for you?

    • I know a guy that it worked for.

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