Meeting his best friend tonight, kind of nervous?

I've been seeing this guy a little over a month now, and we're not committed or anything right now; we're taking it slow, because he's afraid of getting hurt, but things are going great far as I can tell. I've had dinner with him and his mom at their place a few times. I think she likes me, I like her.
Well he has a home recording and mastering business, and his 2 best friend periodically come over, and pay him to record music with them. One of them is coming over tonight, and he's paying my guy for recording time again. I haven't met either of these friends yet, but he told me I was more than welcome to come hang out while he and his best friend work. We did have plans but he needed the money, and I'm not upset, because I understand.
So I am nervous, because this means he must be developing some serious feelings for me, right?


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  • Seems to me like he wants you to meet his friends and become a larger part of his life. He probably has strong feelings for you yes


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  • Sounds like he is developing strong feelings for you and feels comfortable enough for you to be around his friends.


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