I don't know whats happened here?

I know this girl from class and weve been friends for a few months and hung out after class frequently. Her friends asked me if I liked her and I said yes (I do and we have been really flirty with each other for as long as weve known each other). Since then we no longer really hand out and we text a lot less. Before I would text her and she would respond right away and now she hasn't responded to my last 2 and its been over a day. I haven't acted any differently so whats going on? I don't want to lose a friendship


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  • Well it sounds like she doesn't feel them same way. Obviously her friends told her what you said (as a rule, I never tell anyone, especially girls, anything that I wouldn't want everyone knowing because very few people can be trusted to keep secrets these days).

    I would just talk to her in person since you see her in class. She knows you like her so just be straight up with her and admit it and see if she likes you as well. If not, I advise you to stop talking to her, otherwise you're guaranteed to get stuck in the friend zone. I know you said you don't want to lose a friendship, but do you really not want to lose the friendship or do you not want to lose her? The best way to get her is to let her know you aren't going to obsess over her and talk to other girls, which you're not going to do if you stay friends with her. Eventually, she will probably miss you and start texting you again but until then, be strong and don't text her first.

  • I want to think she's not interested to talk for now, but that shouldn't stop you from asking her directly if you did anything wrong.

    The better question is "Why have you two stop hanging out?".

    Its likely that there was some misunderstanding to whats been going on with both of your lifes because you two haven't talked as frequently. So try and talk to her, instead of relying on text/PM.