how do you like to be kissed when kissing someone?

1. Where are your fav places to be kissed?
2. How do you like to be kissed on the mouth?
3. What do you like to be done to you while kissing?
4. What was the best kiss you ever had?

1. Lips, neck, tummy, chest
2. A mix of passionate and slow&sensual. I like tongue and getting my lips bitten.
3. I like the side of my neck or my chin or face held while kissing. I like my ass grabbed. I like when the guy stop for a quick sec to
to check out my face or lips.
4. I was 18. I kissed my friend's friend at 5 am coming from a party in a cab. We kissed for more than an hour straight. The next day my throat hurt but it was worth it. I will never forget it. Intoxicating <3


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  • 1 lips, ears, neck *.*
    2 open mouth with tongue the most. If I like her lips even a peck will turn me on.
    3 any kind of touching is nice
    4 probably something right before sex. When I can tell the girl is really into it and she's almost dizzy if you know what I mean; it's hot. They're probably making small noises they don't notice doing and their mouth will get more wet and their kissing slows but at the same time becomes deeper and more meaningful. The whole body gets into it.

    • OMG i agree totally with your #4 answer. I love it too when you know the person is so into you or the moment or what you are doing that they make noises they don;t realize they're making. And they look high. Yea I agree with your answer :)

    • Haha yep, it's pure euphoria.

      Not to sound like a whore but I did so much making out when younger it's hard to remember one of them standing out. Yes I did love hour make out sessions, but since I got older it seems like once sex happened those sessions went away. I really miss the making out, but at the same time it can be hard to do it for long when you know you can have sex.

    • that;s true. Nah I still appreciate making out sessions. I have a long tongue and i always get told i am the best kiss for a person, but i only two people in my life i could say i thought were great. But if someone was a great kisser like me, i will do hour sessions. Sex for me I haven't had it in over a year cause i am single at the moment, and I only have sex if i have real feelings. So kissing it is lol. Yep it's euphoria <3 mm

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  • 1. Lips, ear, neck (sticking with places near my face for this question).
    2. I like to start off softer and progressively get more passionate and stronger.
    3. Nibbling and biting is a huge turn on for me, regardless of which of us is doing it.
    4. The last girl I was with was by far and away the best kisser I've had. She was just always under control and never sloppy. It was really, really good.

  • 1. lips 2. i like it slow and for it to become passionate, and a girl bit my lip once softly and its hot 3. lips are the only place really haha dont care for anywhere else.. 4. i never had a best kiss yet that really stuck out more than others really...
    i can tell you my worst, i was at a club and i was a bit baked and a bit tipsy, i was dancing with a girl and she was all over me and she started kissing me and stuck her like entire young in my mouth... i mean i like tongue but not all of it in my mouth... to the gents who are under 21 and dont drink, dont let drunk girls kiss you.. they kiss like a dog

  • 1. Ear Lobes, Neck, Lips, most places below the belt.
    2. I like her being aggressive, showing that she really wants to and just goes to town.
    3. I want her to feel me up, grab on to me, pull me in.
    4. A girl I hooked up with at a party on New Years. In hind sight I didn't realize she'd wanted me to kiss her earlier that night (she was nowhere to be found during the countdown and I did look), and eventually she got tired of waiting for me to make a move and made on herself. It lasted about 3 hours.

  • I like to be kissed on my chest and stomach the most.
    I like longer slower kisses on the mouth, but sometimes faster paced.
    Anything and everything.
    With a coworker when I was dropping her off at her car.

  • Don't know I have only been kissed once and it was on the cheek =( does a first kiss count if its on the cheek?

    • awww me too! cheek too, i don't think that counts though

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    • Sex without kissing? Were you with a hooker?

    • No it was a hook up with a friend in high school we became friends in gym class.

  • 1) Lips, and neck for sure.
    2) Somewhat aggressive depending on the mood.
    3) Caressing each other.
    4) never kissed a girl before

  • In the rectum, most definitely in the rectum. Its essential bro.


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  • :)

    1. my lips, neck, forehead and chest
    2. i like a mix up. i like to start of slow and soft, little pecks, then getting into the open mouth. tongue isn't something we do all the time, its just so intimate and it just happens when we're both beyond turned on:P
    3. holding my waist, grabbing dat ass…. i know he loves it because of its size:P, holding my neck softly, rubbing our noses against eachothers=]
    4. first kiss=] with my current bf, just one night at the back of his car. was pretty awesome:)

  • 1. Lipa, neck, chest.
    2. Open mouth, pretty fast-paced.
    3. Pulling on the back of the guy's hair or unbuckling his pants.
    4. With this guy I was dating, we were laying on the front lawn making out and my brother turned the sprinklers on and it was just overall amazing. I was just happy in that moment.