Why do some guys not want there woman to get tattoos? but dated girls who've had them?

Ok I'm thinking about getting a tattoo on my foot witch I think would look nice, but my boyfriend of 3 years doesn't want me to get a tattoo witch doesn't make any sense cause all his exes had tattoos and piercings all over there face.

He even freaked out when I got another ear piercing I had 3 ear piercings and I got my 4th one not to long ago, I thought he would be ok with it cause its just my ears but nope he got upset and said (do whatever the fuck you want since your doing it anyways) and I'm thinking to myself, why are you getting mad when every single girl you've dated had tattoos and piercings.

So I'm asking why when some guys date woman without tattoos or piercings they don't ever want them to get any. But date girls who already have them?


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  • The only couple I have know that went through this was because he felt she wasn't being herself. She had said previously that she didn't like them and had even belittled a few of his exes for having them. For him it wasn't that she might get a tattoo or piercing it was that it was out of character for her.
    The only way to know is to ask him.

  • because they look tacky.

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