I was a bit too forward... what do I do next?

I took this girl on a date. It went pretty good I think, were both singers so we were singin and laughing all night. We also have a lot on common. I kissed her that night and it was all good. We texted back and forth the next week. But after one of my texts she didn't reply. I sent her a picture from the night we hung out the next day (I forgot we took them). Still no reply. The day after that she texts me saying "sorry I suck so much at texting back. That's a good picture haha" I thought id joke around with her so I sent "sucking isn't always a bad thing... but I'm sorry you suck at texting back to hahah. How was your day tho?" Looking back I think I should have emphasized I was joking more with a emoticon or something but I don't know. I'm going to see her again for sure in a couple of weeks (it's finals now and spring break next week) this was about 3 days ago. I didn't mean much by it I'm not a jerk to her in person. But I also don't think I need to apologize. Should I just text her something after finals?

I sent her this message and now I'm just waiting "didn't mean to offend, I was only teasing you. Good luck studying." I think that was sincere without looking like I'm begging for her approval.


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  • Ummm... your comment could definitely be taken as something offensive. Just reading the details, I gasped after reading it. I would be slightly offended if a guy said that to me. If I was interested in him, I would definitely be upset with that comment... slightly upset.

    So she hasn't messages you. Maybe she is busy, or offended. I would send a slight apology just in CASE I offended her. Good luck.

    • I've known her for a few months now and we hung out a few times before the date. I'm just kind of awkward sometimes over text but in person I really don't have any problem with communication or flirting. I was just kind of testing the waters to see if I could push the boundaries a bit, maybe she's not ready. It just kinda sucks if that text is reason it doesn't work out, she's one of the cooler girls I've met in a while.

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    • Oh okay, I see it now. Its good that you did that. So now you guys are on a clean slate.

    • I sent that this morning and she hasn't replied. I don't really expect her to, I just wanted to let her know it was in good fun. I'll give her some room but I'll definitely see her again in two weeks when school starts again (we have similar practice schedules) if she doesn't reply should I re-attempt to text her later during the break or just wait till I see her?

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  • I am not sure how long you know this girl but maybe if you don't know her for that long yet she is confused and thinks that you are looking for different things than her. Text her that it was a joke or call her to clarify this. You sure could wait until the end of the finals but then she might get the feeling that you don't care and move on. Good luck!


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  • if i was you i'd probably text her back saying how your text came across kind of weird and just say ur sorry. then leave it at that. don't text her at all until she responds. that line she texted back to you has red flags tho. sounds to me like she lost interest at some point. if a girl is really into u she wouldn't mind texting regularly as long as her schedule allows it. ball's in her court now. just go with it from there.

  • I think this dudes balls fell into his anus. Gasping? Really? Its a petty joke for giggles. If she has a brain she'll use it to see you're just being a guy, and for that there is no more of an excuse needed than when a girl farts. Good luck to you sir.

    • I mean yea, I was just teasing her cuz is not the first time she's said she's bad at texting to me but I never said anything about it till after the date. And I said it thinking she'd get I didn't really care that much after I asked how her day was goin. I can usually do a good job of making her laugh or respond so this fuckup is kinda annoying.

    • haha her brain cells aren't in question here. she didn't find his none-too-subtle reference to oral sex funny. a normal bodily function and making sexual jokes to someone you're not comfortable with are drastically different things.

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