She told me she likes me very much but I always get short answers from her?

What does short answers from a girl mean?

I've been talking to this girl for just over 3 months now. When I send her messages, I get short responses majority of the time. Occasionally she'll take the initiative and send me pictures showing me what she's doing at the time.

So last week, I decided to be short just to get a reaction from her. So after many days of not talking, she sent me a message to say hi. Instead of being my usual talkative self, I just replied with a hi and immediately she asked me "what happened".

Her: hi))
Me: hi
Her: hru?)
Me: I'm ok
Her: what happened?
Me: nothing.. hru?
Her: great)
Her: i think smth happened\
Her: tell me
Me: nothing... all ok
Her: really?
Me: yes
Me: how have you been?
Her: good
Her: didn't see u a lot of time
Her: missed u
Me: ya busy week at work... and some family issues, just tired :(
Her: oh ok\
Her: have rest than

Later on at night, I sent her a message to tell her I really like her and last thing I wanted is to make her feel uncomfortable about this. She replied by saying everything is okay and "I like you too, sweet dreams".

The question is, why the short answers if she likes me too? She told me a few times that she likes me very much but her actions speak the opposite?


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  • I hate to admit that I do this too sometimes. The attention is nice and you come to crave it. While I like these people that give me attention, I am in no way obsessed with them or want to pursue anything. (she could be different though!). If someone who gives me a lot of attention takes that away, I will message them to nudge them to keep doing it. Most guys this happens with, if I hangout with them and they made a move on me, I wouldn't turn them down. I just don't like them enough to initiate anything myself. Being short drives me CRAZY and I crave more attention, because it makes me think this person may not like me as much as I thought.


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