He keeps saying he likes me a lot. How fast can a guy fall in love?

None of my exes have ever told me this repeatedly. Usually the guy doesn't say stuff like this at all and at some point in the relationship, he'll say "I love you". We'll just be talking, I'll say something silly and he'll stare at me and say "I like you" or something else. At some point I felt like he was going to say he's in love but he freaked out and pretended he meant nothing special.

I do wonder if it's casual for "I love you" and if it's possible for someone to develop genuine feelings very quickly for a girl. He calls me a lot - every night before bed and after he's done with his classes at uni.

I made him realize that he kept teasing me about getting addicted to him, missing him, etc., when he, in fact, was acting needier than I was. He was pretty much projecting his needs on me instead of telling me straight up how he felt. Last night he called me up and told me "Hey I wanted to break character a little and tell you I miss you". It meant a lot to me. I had told him I don't play games and that some time, he'd figure out there's no point playing any on his part either. I am putting my best efforts not to act needy in the relationship.

I am very worried it's going to die down as fast as it grew. As he said, "I like that it's going very fast. I just don't want the bubble to burst".


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  • He sounds like a clingy person, and two clingy people in a relationship usually make for the best relationships. So if you can see that he's obviously like this, then you shouldn't try to hold back being needy as it seems like all it will do is make both of you feel better.

    It's good for you to worry about the relationship breaking down, but being needy only does this if only one partner is too needy for the other. Unless this is the case with him being too needy for you, the mutual cling is only going to strengthen the relationship. When both partners try to stop being needy to each other it usually tones down feelings and can end relationships in the long-term, as the whole point of an intimate relationship is being able to rely on another person for support.

    Bottom line, you shouldn't be afraid to be clingy if he's being clingy. Being clingy is only bad if you're too clingy for the other person, which doesn't seem to be the case here.


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  • he can fall in in love very fast but u dont fall for it. until he shows in actions. Action speak louder than words rmembr


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  • Really fast. This guy I made out with at a club told me he loved me

    • I really doubt he was actually in love with you, guys can fall in love fast but almost never that fast. At that point they're either being manipulative or blinded by sexual cravings.