Ladies, Momas love me, daughters not so much. What can I do?

So I´m a pretty average guy, I´m a student and work on the side to support my tuition costs.

Look wise I´m normal, not handsome, quite tall at 6´4.

I have many hobbies, running, basketball, working out, playing the piano, cooking, gardening ( the big stuff ;) ), playing with my little niece.

Meaning I´m not a couch potato only thing I don´t do is drink/drugs and party wildly.

Somehow women my age aren´t interested in me.

What can I do, since being alone towards the end of college scares me increasingly, to maybe meet a girl who would like to be with me without feeling bored?


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  • I mean you sound ideal to me. And would be the perfect guy for a lot of girls I know. I would say maybe start initiating conversations with women on campus that don't seem like the partying type. Go after the girls that may not be starting conversations with everyone in class. I know that's more difficult than it seems but it's worth it. The girls you want to bring home to your family as well as them bring you home to theirs aren't going to be the ones demanding the attention of everyone in the room. Work on being friends with some of the girls in your classes, the best relationships I've ever had usually came from friendships. If you see a girl that you think is cute just start talking to her, ask her about her weekend or your prof or your assignment, initiate that conversation and see how it goes. Don't give up that there aren't the right kind of girls for you at school. Girls who don't need to go out and get wasted every weekend do exist, I promise! You honestly sound like a great guy with a diverse amount of hobbies, you will find a girl! And heck, who knows, relationships usually happen when you aren't expecting it :) good luck!

    • It's not all that easy to talk to women if you look like me. I wish I could show you a picture it most of the times feels like I dont't even exist for women.

    • send me a message?

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  • you sound like a genuinely good guy and some day you are going to find a girl that finds you exciting. you are going to be able to find a girl that won't be bored with you. just put yourself out there.

    from my experience, the type of girls that would like you are going to be the quieter ones- ones that don't scream I NEED ATTENTION and wear low cut tops and giggle and flirt and talk a lot. look around your class next time, like really look. talk to the girl sitting in the middle of the class with her eyes glued to her notebook. thats the type of girls that are going to love and appreciate the sweet, great guy you are.

    hahaha one of my guy friends is really tall and he plays piano. He's really good.
    I LOVE music. Anyway try to find some girl who enjoys what you do and become friends them if she is the "light" of you world date her. ;) hope you find you girl. and some new piano music on sale. :)

    • Biggest problem is probably a huge amount of competition that has a better standing with the ladies

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    • goodwill?

    • A second hand store. I am from the east coast. sorry bout that but there fairly cheep and their cloths are in fairly good condition. I just got some pants from there about 2 weeks ago.

  • You sound ideal to me. You should find women who have the same interests as you by joining clubs, etc.


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  • You have everything needed to make a short term interest turn into a relationship.

    The problem is the short term interest.

    I would urge you to figure that side out before getting in a relationship or you will end up with a girl who chose you because she doesn't think attraction is important and you deserve better then that.

    Step 1 is probably to work on flirting.