She throw me away now she is texting me?

Here I want some solid opion I really dont know what to do right now. I met a girl on Facebook she is elder to me she was dam nice with me we flirt a bit and eventually i started falling toward her later on she said yes she has a lot of sweet feeling for me and she started having a lot of fun being I was clingy need she started to pull away same what i did i was chasing her continiously for one month of forcing to talk i finally see and told her things are different now i just need to talk to you for 5 min she agreed and i told her it was my fault i need to work on myself now to be a better man she said i dont want any relationship i want to get marry i will get marry next with a fucking mexican drug dealer even i was trying to talk to her my intention was never to talk about the marriage or any commitment even i agreed with her to spend time together in talking that time even she said time i m talking to u from 6 hours daily its like a job i forgot to told she is sarcastic as well so i hardly cares about her words. My situtation was like this her interest was over my attraction level is down she is like on upper hand yes i m feeling dam down cus being rejected and i know all were my faults. And there are a lot of males who are her frined who keep her happy with their flirty shit even I know her well she let people do flirting with her a bit. now what she did she just text me hey hun my friend has been here we did a lot of fun bit out hope you are doing well. I just dont know either she still has feeling for me or she is just showing that she still care and let me regret on myself that i fucked up the things, yes i did fucked up later i know that but what could be reason of her this behavior can u please figure this out


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  • Ok so I could barely understand this.. lol but from what I did understand is that yur being wayyy tp clingy and desperate. Thats what a lot of guys have trouble with, it doesn't matter how nice or faithful you are clingy and desperate are not attractive traits unless your also clingy and desperate which is hardly any girl and still thoses girl probley cling on hard to get boys. Did you speak to her about marriage? Because thats fucking creepy. You never bring up the m wod unless you been dating for a long time and your in love, not to a girl you barley know. That screams desperation. So the problem with you is your desperate and clingy and you need to work on that. Remember she's not the only girl in the world and you can't make your world revolve around her, girls like guys that do there own thing and make there own success. So ya work on that and if you want this to work wih this girl first you have to recognize that it might not work, not every relationship is garentee., you have to come to terms with that before you can move foward, next have your own life and do your own thing, your just suppous to make her a part not the main thing, next when you text her dont show her all thats Iin your heart, guard your heart, you can't show all your vunderablities that gives people opportunities to take advantage of you. Just keep it light and sweet. Dont get imto depths of the content of your heart and maybe she will gratitute back to you and thats all u can do. If you try to hold on to tight u will push her away

    • yes i did speak about marriage i asked her i can marry in long run. Yes even honestly i accepted that i m little clingy and am working on it. I ve reaslised that relationship is not one sided efforts she needs to put in as well like me. And from now i m working on myself when she is not interested dont like to talk to me why she is texting. giving her cold shoulder wouldn't be bad like mistreating a female which i dont want to do.

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