How should i start a conversation with a girl on Facebook?

I was at a conference and saw a girl i really liked. She was at the entrance doing the checklist ('worker'). I didn't really had an opportunity to go talk to her because people were usually around her at the end of this gathering (since she was a "worker" at that conference). But to be honest I just didn't had enough courage to approach her and didn't even know what to say. (which really bothered me)

Recently i found her Facebook profile and sent her a friend request. It's been a few days and she still hasn't accepted my request. I am thinking, she's not that active Fb user.

I'd like to message her but I'm not sure what to say to not sound awkward or abrasive/pushy. I would juts like to approach her in a friendly way with a simple talk. I just don't want her to think that I'm desperate about her.


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  • Just wait till she accepts ur request you don't want to be creepy I would think that when guys send me a request with a message lol


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