Help.. date number 2 need help moving into relationship?

Met this girl a few weeks ago and we've been talking eversince. We had our first date last night and it went pretty well. We made dinner together and watched a couple movies... In my past experiences the first couple of dates always suck for me, I don't want to come on too strong so it seems like I'm not really interested in her. Our next date will probably be sometime this week and I want it to be better than the first. I want to show her that I am ready to be in a relationship. Hope much touching/physical contact should I do, How do I give her a hint that I am ready to begin our relationship?


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  • Honestly, I'd just go on the date, and see if you both enjoy it equally. If it seems like you're both into it and enjoying each other's company, then suggest another date (have something or someplace in mind). In my opinion, you should probably have a few dates under your belt before you talk about any type of commitment. If any of the dates are short ones, like a quick lunch, don't count that as being under your belt.

    You would most likely come across as coming on strong if you're talking about commitment on the second date. If you both like each other, then you both with realize it, and it'll mostly happen on its own. You can make it a relationship once you've both realized it.