Guy disappears on me after 3 months of dating?

Ok, so I meet this guy from an online dating site & we start to date. I like him a lot. He seems to like me & pretty into me too. We have great conversations, get along, do fun things together, etc. He treats me very well, very gentleman like, picks me up, pays for everything, doesn't push sex. He tells me he's so happy he's met someone nice, & can't believe how nice I am & haven't changed (I don't seem bitchy with him as in his previous relationships). He kinda complains I don't call him much though, so I start to call him a little more because I figure, ok, I like him I'll call him more. So, he meets my family & few friends for my birthday, we hang out the day after x-mas, exchange gifts and I bring him to my family's house on NYE. We express we want the same things. Unfortunately he loses his job before the holidays, so because it happened to me I can relate & understand. I told him it will be ok. He does have family problems & stuff, major issues with his parents he tells me, (but doesn't interfere with us,) & I am always willing to hear him out when he complains about them. So, low & behold I thought we had a nice New Years (we are not 20 something so there wasn't really too much going on with both my friends & his)... so he drops me off, texts me when he got home from dropping me off on New Years. He's good, everything good. So I thought. So I call him the next day to say what's up & he doesn't answer or reply to my call. I try the next day & nothing. We always talk once a day. I texted him 2 days later & called, left a message, still nothing. well this when on for the next week. He finally replied to a FB message w/a sorry, & that he needed to get away from home. I reply later that night with ok, I understand & where did you go, I was worried that something happened to you, a reply would've been nice.. but again no reply. He's disappeared on me? I don't know what happened? It's been 2 & 1/2 months with nothing. So upsetting! Who does this?


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  • People who have ISSUES do this. I just want you to know that it is NOT your fault. You did NOTHING wrong. Obviously, he has a lot of personal issues that you dont necessarily know about. Its also probably that he wants to avoid conflict at all costs hence him just disappearing.

    I know its hurtful, and it angers you but... be grateful he disappeared now as opposed to you guys parting ways after 4 years of dating. Then you would truly be devastated. Sorry, but he is a hot mess... and I'm sure he knows it.


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  • Someone with serious personal problems. :/ Sorry that happened


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