Should I bother ever asking him after he said this?

There's a guy I really want to get to know. Without asking him out one on one, I asked him if he'd ever want to come out with me and some of my friends. He said "when?" And I said I don't know yet ( I hadn't actually planned anything I was just asking if he would come) and then he said that he doesn't socialise much and doesn't know if he'll be able to come, but "always ask me anyway."

He's so frustrating. Why couldn't he just say no? Why would he say he doesn't socialize and doesn't know, but to "always ask?"

Would an uninterested guy bother adding that, after he'd already said he doesn't socialize much?


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  • If you are really interested maybe ask once. If he doesn't , he's probably not interested. I think most guys are really dense (like me) so make sure you let him know you are really interested. Be direct. If he dont respond, he's not interested. At least thats how I like women to be with me but Im really dumb too. If you're direct and Im interested, I won't turn you away for being direct. If I turned you away it would be for another reason.

  • I'm this kind of person, I like to be included even though I'm not a huge socialite, I like to know whose there and what the point is so I can decide the day it goes on, I do this because very few people matter to me and im fiercely loyal to my real friends, so I don't go out and "cycle" my friendships person to person, day to day. I only go if more than one of my friends are present because i like to punch assholes in the face like a drunken avenger if I'm not supervised properly.


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