What does "I'll think about it" mean in boy language?

Met a guy a while ago, went through a rough patch with deaths in my family. Got a little clingy, said sorry explained why, and that I wasn't normally like that. Asked him to start over again. Even told him I had another guy wanting to hangout with me. He said he'd think about it, I wanted him more, and so I told the other guy I was waiting for something else, and told the one I wanted I had no other options, but I'd give him the space to think about it.

Here's my question, I gave him 100 outs, I told him I'd understand if he said no... that I only told him about the guy because I wanted him more, if he met another girl, thought I was too clingy, whatever, I'd get it, I just wanted to know if there is a shot. Does he really mean he's going to think about it? how long will this take? Will/should he contact me even if he doesn't wanna start over?


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  • 1. you confused him with too much yadayadayada
    2. now he's thinking it's too complicated &
    3. too many possible pitfalls

    Don't wait for a think about time that might never come.
    Think of a NEW adventure, ask him out point blank, give him a deadline and tell him he the ONLY one worth doing it with

    • Should I do that now, or wait for him to contact me? I feel like crap, apparently he's a great guy and I def did confuse the hell out of him.

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    • New venue = no need to wait; giving space might make us lose this opportunity to go to xxxxxxxxx in time

    • Thanks, I am nervous but its okay, there's a shot I figure or he would have taken my out's

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  • Honestly, it just means he'll think about it. Men usually mean what they say unless they are lying to u haha. It's not the same thing like when a girl says "yeah everything's ok" when really, nothing is ok

    • Lol thanks! i hate waiting there is so much I should have said, like if he gives me a second change, he'd be the catch of my life, and I hope the way I acted when I was sad doesn't ruin it. Also, I kinda threw myself at him... sex didn't happen, but thats not like me either. I don't know arg, I am an idiot

    • Just know, sex is important to a guy. If u don't give him that it won't work

    • Lol, no I mean I threw myself at him and he turned me down there was other stuff involved though. Part of the reason why I did that, is because I know that lol

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