Did she lose interest or is she playing hard to get?

Ok, four weekends ago i was on a club and all of a sudden i started talking with two beautiful girls.

I pull away from the other girl the one i liked the most. I took her to my table and we took a shot together. After a few minutes i tried to kiss her and he turned her head away. We went back to her table.

Suddenly a random hot girl started hitting on me and the previous girl noticed. She seem that jealaus that she came over to interrupt my covnersation with this new girl.

She kept insisting and a few minutes later i started making out with her ( the one rejected my kiss )

We took apart and agreed to met each other in the future.

I started messaging her 4 days after and she seem deeply interested. The next week i invited her to a casual plan and she said she could not come because she had a friends wedding. She said: " i can't go sorry... but... rain check? I said :" sure, rain check"

I waited two week and three days ago i sent her a message and she didn't reply back.

The very next day i messaged her again she responded and then i invited her to a cocktail and she didn't respond. So i waited 5 hours and called her. A guy picked up the phone saying he was his father... --obviously he was a friend-- and in the background i could hear some laughs.

I could think of two situations

1.- Some of her friends picked up her cell phone without consent and wanted to be the funny guy for that moment.

2.- She didn't want to pick up the phone and handle her cell phone to his friend.

Either way, she didn't respond to my invitation and she was pretty interested at the beginning

What should i do, completely lose contact with her or wait a few days.


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  • Your mistake was to believe this girl. You believed her when she kissed you even though the only reason she wanted to kiss you was to show the other girl that she's more powerful. You believed her when she said she wanted to do that casual plan with you. She's full of shit.

    You should have started to call her out on her bs the moment she started making out with you in front of the other girl. Then you should have gotten that other girl's number right in front of her.

    The thing to do now is to show her you're above her silly games. When her "dad" picked up the phone, you should have maintained a silly prank conversation with him as long as you could have. Ask him was she a trouble maker in elementary school? Catch them in a lie and tease them mercilessly for being silly teeny boppers. And then play your position cool. You waited two whole weeks before contacting her again. That's impressive. If that doesn't show this girl that she's really not that high of a priority to you, I don't know what will. Good job.

    It seems you've been pressing for a meet up right away. She just wants attention. Instead what you should have done is try to have text or phone conversations with her. Tell her you want to find out what her "deal" is. You want to get to know her. I'd tell her that you've met girls like her in the past, and you've always wondered what's the best way to handle them. Tell her you just want to go on lots of dates with as many different attractive girls as you can, mainly just for the experience of it. That's why you called her after so long. It's not because you're particularly interested in her, it's because you already called everyone else in your phone.

    Stop being Beta letting yourself be intimidated by her friends that answer the phone for her, and be Alpha. If you treat her like a science experiment, she'll desperately try to show you how she's a real person.


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  • sounds like she wanted you for the night. she showed she wasn't interest when she said rain check if she really wanted to catch up she would have or she would have said i am free. or she would have said are you going out this weekend i might be out. she gave you no other time. girls use the no sorry not free raincheck when they hope the guy gets she is not interested. i am really sorry :(

  • Lose contact with her. She is playing a game with you. You deserve better.


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  • Completely lose contact with her! You would most likely have to put up with that stuff every week if you got closer

  • You've got no chance with her. Move on.