Guy is awesome in person, but terrible via text?

Hey guys! I recently started dating someone. We're both still in HS, so it isn't all that serious. I'm 17, and he's 18.

I don't mean to sound so naive, but I really like this guy, and I feel like we could work well together... but I have a problem. Due to being in different schools, we only get to see each other so often. When we're together, we get along perfectly... Our personalities mesh well, our humor, some of our thoughts about life (like I said, recently starting dating)... but I have a problem.

We make up for the lack of face-to-face time in text. We still have a really good time, but almost every day, he gets upset with me for something. I know it's because he's been hurt in the past and is very insecure, but I'm having a difficult time explaining to him my side of the story, and having him calm down. He's been giving me ultimatums- to choose between my friend, or him, just because he doesn't like what they post online (like "yaoi", if you want to google it). I'm good at compromising, like you should in a relationship... but I don't want to cut all my friends out of my life, like he wants me to. He also doesn't like how I have the same humor with my friends (who are almost all guys) as I do with him, as it's very crude and perverted.

I really like this guy, and I really want things to last... but the phone is giving me a hard time. He told me himself that he only gets upset over text, and he's fine with how I act when he is around... which is how I *always* act. Does anyone have any advice on what I should do? I plan on taking a day together and instead of "having fun", I want to talk to him face to face about these things, and try to have him see my side of the story. Any suggestions? Thanks!

*Sorry for the long wall of text. Let me know if you have any questions!

Also, to clarify... when he gets upset with me, it's very "my way or the highway", and a lot of anger... It is via text, so it's hard to read emotions, but that's what it seems like...


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  • some guys are just really bad at texting. definitely try to keep seeing him in person and talking about serious stuff in person

    • Yeah, that's what I'm going to do... It's just bad with the texting thing because he seems to get so much more pissed off via texting...

    • it could be because he's already annoyed and so is more easily pissed off... people who dont like textin/phone calls can get annoyed just when their phone goes off