I know my boyfriend is not in love but I think I am?

My boyfriend once brought up how although he is not in love yet he has a good feeling about us and how he thinks that when he feels it and says it is when I will say it and I had told him that was probably true because no girl wants to say it and not have it reciprocated He is on a 9 day business trip and I think not being with him is making me realize that I am in love with him and I really like him. When we are about to hang up the phone I find myself holding myself back and thinking to myself to control my mouth because I sometimes feel that the the 3 words ( I love you) is about to slip. I dont know what to do , obviously I want to tell him but I dont want him to feel pressure to feel that way any faster or weird that he is not there yet.
I am not really sure what to do.


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  • If you really want him. Wait untill he says it. If you trully love him you can wait. However have a deadline to leave the relationship in case nothing happens from his side.

  • If he is your boyfriend and he is not the one who took initiative, he probably knows that you love him. So I don't see how a quick I love you can do harm. If he realizes that he is that special to you, he might fall in love cause of that. That is very often how love works. It mostly starts with one person, when the other person finds out that he is special to someone, that person starts creating feelings as a response to the other person's love. Maybe tell him you really REALLY like him. He will realize it's the same thing but might feel you're ot trying to push him. Just be subtle I guess.