Approaching a woman I'm interested in?

I've never really approached a woman I was interested in. Anybody know what I can show a girl I'm interested in that I'm into her and what do I say to open with?


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  • There are lots of different ways to do so. You should probably start off by being subtle and then build into obvious. The reason why I say this is many women are confused by men's behaviour and question if they are interested or not, but when a man is blatantly obvious with no starting point, they get freaked out.
    You could start with talking to her lots, smiling at her, complimenting her, opening doors, etc. You can build up to asking her if she wanted to do something after work/when she's free or whatever. Just be really nice and take it slow, and then ask her out in a romantic manner rather than just a friend manner. Tell her that you've been interested for a while and that you'd love to take that step into a relationship with her.

    • You brought up a good point about romantic manner, how do I ask a girl out in a romantic manner?

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    • I'm not doing it cuz I don't know how. . What's wrong with asking people that get dates and are in relationships?

    • There's absolutely nothing wrong with it. There are certain questions, though, that can only be answered through experience.

  • 100kickdaway have good advice.


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