If you had a choice between two girls which would you pick?

Would you pick the smart athletic one who is always busy with sports, and is determined and hard headed? Or would you prefer the shy, smart girl who sits in the back of the class quietly?

The shy girl is always quiet and very sweet. But the athletic one is also sweet but very sarcastic. They are very alike nut one is athletic and the other is not


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  • Shy smart girl. She's only going to be shy and quiet until she's comfortable around you. Probably way more interesting to talk to and more willing to make time for someone and probably really nice and funny. The hard headed girl is going to be stubborn and it's her way or the highway.. She may be determined and be athletic, but she's always busy. No thanks. Ha

    • That's cool, its fine want to know what you guys think

    • Update to the update: now I couldn't decide. I like sarcastic girls. But I mean the shy girl could be the same way once she opens up to you. Sooooo... still the shy girl.

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  • uhh... athletic one i guess? Would need much more of a description to make an accurate choice

  • Could be either but need more info. All things being equal, the shy one.


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