GIRLS: This girl and I seemed to like each other, were texting and getting to know each other great... but then, in person was AWKWARD? Why?

I was texting this girl with whom there seemed to be a level of mutual attraction... we were texting, getting to know each other, both asking lots of questions, have long conversations... we wished each other goodnight twice, and she told me that she told her mother about me. Anyways, this whole thing made my feelings towards her bigger (especially wishing each other good night), as it was the closest we had ever communicated since we only have once 50-minute class together which is not conducive to getting to know someone.

HOWEVER, the next time I saw her in class, she and her friend came over and sat by me... and it was AWKWARD, maybe even more than usual. I was pretty nervous and couldn't think of what to say, and she seemed unusually quiet and nervous too, but not in a "stand-off" way... I'm not sure WHY she was like that. It's almost like we had reached a new level of knowing each other (over text) that when it came to our next interaction it was weird... as I left the class this other girl came to hit on me. Anyways, we haven't texted each other since hahaha.

I am wondering:
1. WTF happened - was she nervous too, or was it my nervous vibes?
2. Is this a fix-able situation?


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  • 1. It's MUCH easier to talk online than in person. There's no awkward eye contact, no awkward what to say, etc. When you talk to each other in person, some movements or how you say stuff can make things awkward. And doing it around a crush, especially when you both like each other, can really amplify the awkwardness.
    2. It is definitely fixable. You're just going to have to get over the awkwardness and shyness and talk to her. Think of some topics before you see her so that you know what to talk about. Carry on the conversation that you two had the previous night, crack jokes about the homework assignment, ask what she did during the weekend or what she will be doing, etc.


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  • Me and my crush were the same way. I don't remember how it changed though :/ maybe it just randomly stop, i don't know._.


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