Where's the second date? What turns you off on a first date?

Hey guys-- well I have been putting myself out there more and have been going on a lot of dates. It has been a lot of fun, but all the first dates are starting to get old... and I don't want to be discouraged. There definitely have been men I haven't been interested in, so I backed off but It does stink to not be asked on second dates by men you're interested in.

Any tips? What are some of the things that turn you off on a first date?

I am a "really nice" girl and I think this comes across as me liking the guy--- I don't want to be easy, but I just have a hard time playing hard to get. I have a date this Wednesday with a guy I'm really into, I need advice!



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  • Not committing into having a great time.

    That means, either not being actively participating in a conversation, to not participating in having fun... For whatever reason.

    So you don't want to embarass yourself, big deal, now come here so we can have some fun!

    That's one thing.

    Another thing is not being interested. You can ask questions every now and then, you know?... Makes it feel like it really clicks (why else would you want to know more about me?)

    And of course: not flirting.

    Flirting is fun! So don't go "riiiight" when we say something... Tease us back. Roleplay. Touch us. Make some sexual innuendo. ANYTHING O_o

    About that hard-to-get-thing? Puh-lease. It isn't fun or flirty, it's annoying.

    If all the signs point to the fact that you like us, then don't pretend you don't. It's weird. It's stupid. It's a major turn-off. You may not notice it, but whenever someone plays hard to get, we silently roll our eyes...

    Oh, and whatever you do: DON'T COMPLAIN. When we go out on dates, we're looking at a potential romantic partner... And no-one wants a partner who whines.

    Anywhooo, I hope your date went well, in any case... Keep us updated, a'ight?

    Have a great day! ^^


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  • Carefree fun and acting goofy...laughing when things go wrong...just try to be fun...Us guys love having carefree fun...dont be so uptight and end the date a bit early. make an excuse like you forgot you had an assignment due tomorrow etc...we will always feel like we can't get enough of you...grrrrr...lol...tease a little but don't go overboard...also..please don't toy with us...in other words don't play mindgames or test us...we hate that...im sure you do too...

  • phone off.

    no exs in the convo.

    be you'r self.

  • Why not ask HIM out on the second date?


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  • what turns me off on a first date.. bringing up sex..trying to do anything sexual with me like expecting to get something kiss or what not just because yall went on a date.. if anything is brought up sexually there won't b a 2nd date